• 3 Ways To Remove Negativity and Enhance Your Daily Life

    January 12, 2018

    Negativity comes in all shapes and forms and can reach you at any second. We’ve all experienced negativity, but do we really need it? No. Of course not! So why not just get rid of it, and add some positivity to the situation. You can’t expect people to change around you, so the only way…

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  • Why Taking a Break is OK

    January 10, 2018

    Thinking about taking a break may seem like the end. It may seem like the whole world is going to collapse on you and you can’t possibly be without this sweet person in your life. Now, it depends on your age or where you are in life, and in this blog, I focus on the…

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  • Tips on House Training Your First Puppy

    January 9, 2018

    I can’t explain my excitement around my brother getting a puppy! Oh, what a change in the home atmosphere. My parents both love having a dog around (although they wouldn’t care to admit it) and my brother is pretty excited about having his first “fur baby”. I can’t complain, since I visit my parents house…

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  • Woes of an Extroverted Introvert

    January 8, 2018

    I can attest to the fact that being an extroverted introvert is stressful and extremely tiring. I can’t tell some people enough how hard it is for me to attend a social event or gathering without spending hours debating the pros and cons. I think about who I’ll be seeing, the chances of me leaving…

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  • Getting Through Your First Phone Interview

    January 6, 2018

    Why do people use phone interviews? Why is this so common in today’s society? Well, people don’t have the time. Our society is so committed to spending every minute of their time rather than stepping back and relaxing once in a while. We have become accustomed to this way of living and it will continue…

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  • Websites You Should Be Using When Planning A Trip

    January 5, 2018

    When my two girlfriends and I were planning our month-long trip around Europe, we came across so many websites that had some useful information, but wasn’t completely reliable. We struggled in the beginning trying to find sites that seemed like they knew what they were talking about, especially since we would be traveling by ourselves…

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  • Reasonable and Attainable 2018 Resolutions

    January 4, 2018

    Obviously, we have all come across pages and pages of resolutions going into the New Year, as expected. I was struggling a little with what I was going to choose as a 2018 resolution. I wanted something good but also attainable. I wasn’t going to spend my time trying something that was most likely going…

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  • Life Update: New Puppy On Board

    December 27, 2017

    WE ARE STARTING OFF 2018 WITH A NEW PUPPY! Okay, it’s not my boyfriend’s nor my puppy, but my brother just picked one up and I am excited to say I am a new fur baby aunt!! She is a six-week-old Golden Retriever and we are absolutely in love with her! She’s been so well-behaved…

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  • Getting Eyelash Extensions: This is What Happened

    December 27, 2017

    I’ve had plenty of friends that have gotten their eyelashes done, but my concern was how unnatural they might look on me. Since this process is semi-permanent, I was worried I would get them and regret them for the next three weeks. After debating the idea for MONTHS, I finally decided to give this fashion…

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  • DIY Winter Decorations: Tea Cup Succulents

    December 26, 2017

    Looking for a cute way to add some green to your decor? Finding cute old tea cups can make a difference! By using some hot glue and a couple tea ups, these can be placed around your home to add some easy green.   It really doesn’t take much to create these cute little planters!…

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