Getting Eyelash Extensions: This is What Happened

December 27, 2017

I’ve had plenty of friends that have gotten their eyelashes done, but my concern was how unnatural they might look on me. Since this process is semi-permanent, I was worried I would get them and regret them for the next three weeks.

After debating the idea for MONTHS, I finally decided to give this fashion trend a shot.


I made an appointment a woman that owned her own studio and had a nice website that showed how comfortable and welcoming her shop was. I found this to be the swaying decision-maker as it made me feel comfortable making the appointment.

Her website is super attractive and it looks like an inviting place to be. I also loved that she put her face in pictures so when I walked into her store, I didn’t look like a lost pup.


I set up the appointment pretty sporadically, as I had a night off from work the next day. I nervously researched how it would work and discovered the appointment would be easier than I had expected. I watched a couple videos on how it was performed and learned that I could even take a nap during the process and there wasn’t any pain! (unless you are allergic to the glue, which I was not). I amped myself up for the appointment and was ready to walk in there ready to get some bomb-ass lashes.


The time the lashes took was about an hour and half. It went by pretty fast after the applicator explained what would happen to my eyelashes. She gave me a soft warm blanket and told me I might fall asleep during the process. I did, and that made it all the more relaxing. I slept through most of the procedure and woke up to beautiful eyelashes.



As you can see, they look natural, and as if I’m wearing mascara. I absolutely love how they look. My eyelashes look full and soft.


The first night I ended having nightmares about ruining my lashes and couldn’t sleep very well. I was so worried I would roll onto my side (as it is recommended you sleep on your back due to lashes being more likely to fall out on the side you sleep on). I enjoyed getting up in the morning with no need to put on anything other than some spot treatment. I pretty much waltzed into work feeling like a rockstar.


After the first few days I started noticing some lashes falling out. I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not, but I kept on going with it as I new lashes coming out was natural. After a while, I realized it wasn’t natural lashes coming out, instead it was the extensions falling off of my normal lashes. I also realized how much work these lashes actually entailed. I had to keep them clean using an oil-free soap, deal with water running into my eyes in the shower, pat them in a way that wouldn’t snag, and brush them out a decent amount every day. This wasn’t the “light work” that I’ve been told. In fact, I’m pretty sure I spent more time handling the lashes than I would if I just put some mascara on.

Two weeks later I went in for my second appointment and told her what had happened. Maybe, I didn’t take care of them enough or they were just lose to begin with. Either way, I went through with the second appointment. Again, I came out feeling like a million bucks.



My eyelashes lasted a little longer this time, but still fell out at a dramatic rate.


I’m going to have to say, these eyelashes aren’t really worth the hype. I loved the compliments and the excitement after getting them. However, for the excessive price to have full lashes, they didn’t look “great” long enough for my liking, and I would rather spend a smaller fortune on Better Than Sex mascara instead. I love the idea if the time and money is right, but right now I need to spend my money elsewhere and use my time wisely.

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