Reasonable and Attainable 2018 Resolutions

January 4, 2018

Obviously, we have all come across pages and pages of resolutions going into the New Year, as expected. I was struggling a little with what I was going to choose as a 2018 resolution. I wanted something good but also attainable. I wasn’t going to spend my time trying something that was most likely going to fall through in a couple months’ time. After some contemplation, I decided to break my resolutions up into parts of my life that I really could work on. I realized it’s basically set up like my website, which led me to being grateful I blog in the first place!

Financial Wellness

  • Save up enough money to pay off a year of my car payments. (I must say isn’t very much but it will make me feel more stable if I have this ready to go. I pay about $106/month, or $1,272)
  • Research loans and grants to attend graduate school so I am prepared for the financial burden of a master’s program that could possibly be starting next fall.
  • Add at least $1,000 to my Roth IRA.


  • Sign up for a year membership at my boyfriend’s gym, using their three-months-free deal that they give out once every few months. I have been waiting for this deal and I really hope it happens soon because my gym membership is about to expire.
  • Attend a yoga class at least once every couple weeks. I find that my mental state goes up when I take some time to go to a yoga class and focus on myself and my energy.
  • Take more baths. I really do spend so much time running around that I don’t have enough time to spend reflecting on my own health. I took a bath last night and realized how actually calming it was, put my ears past the water line and just listened to the sounds coming from the floor of my house.


  • Finish applying to graduate schools, and attend as many open houses as possible.
  • Volunteer at a local company that gives children speech therapy using a Speech-Language Pathologist. I need to work more with students with speech disorders.
  • Get a 4.0 in all my online SLP-OPS courses this last semester.


What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?



  • Rachel @ The Latte Budget

    January 4, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    Great goals! I have a couple, but one of mine is to focus. Instead of scheduling a ton of tasks in a day, I’m only picking 3 major priorities. I’m trying to cut back on things that are interrupting my focus, such as television.

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