Getting Through Your First Phone Interview

January 6, 2018

Why do people use phone interviews?

Why is this so common in today’s society? Well, people don’t have the time. Our society is so committed to spending every minute of their time rather than stepping back and relaxing once in a while. We have become accustomed to this way of living and it will continue to be this way. Now is the time when phone interviews are prevalent in the work force. They’re quick and easy, and you don’t need to leave your office or house to do it. So, why are they so nerve-creating?

Why are they important?

Like any interview, it’s a way for your employer to scope our your abilities. This method allows them to go through a lot of people in a short time and choose candidates quickly. It is a way to reduce their candidate pool so that they don’t have to meet with every single person that applies for the position.

How to prepare?

Many people underestimate the power of a phone interview, but they are so important. If you are not prepared, they’ll hear it in your tone and surely not invite you to the next step in the hiring process. You need to be prepared. Research their company, look on forums and see what the company is all about. Do they have a mission statement, and if so, what is it? Usually they will list out some qualities you should mention in your interview. What tools do they use? What tools do you use that you can tell them about? Maybe they haven’t heard of it before or are looking to use it in the future.

Make sure you have a list of questions to ask them. By having questions prepared, you will be able to answer a question that will almost always be asked at any interview.

Do you have any questions about our company?

Make sure you take a look at their requirements and what they would prefer in a candidate. If there is something you aren’t familiar with, research it and if they ask about it, you will at least be knowledgable about the topic and provide some input. Don’t be afraid to have notes in front of you. This is a perk of a phone interview!

Lastly, make sure you are comfortable, whether this means sit in a chair that will make you feel more relaxed, or sit somewhere that helps you focus. Definitely don’t rush into the interview and make sure you give yourself ample time to review your notes and have anything you need at your fingertips.

Have your notes out!

Take your time!

Have your resume ready and handy!

Make sure you’re prepared to take notes, especially if you plan on an in-person interview later!


What are some tips you’ve found helpful when completing a phone interview?


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