Woes of an Extroverted Introvert

January 8, 2018

I can attest to the fact that being an extroverted introvert is stressful and extremely tiring. I can’t tell some people enough how hard it is for me to attend a social event or gathering without spending hours debating the pros and cons. I think about who I’ll be seeing, the chances of me leaving early, how much time I’ll spend talking to people or what I should wear. I love being with people, but I also definitely love my alone time. I say woes because this is serious business and I’m hear to tell you extroverted introverts that I feel your pain. I really, sincerely do.

Giving inconclusive yeses

I am the master of giving someone a yes to plans but then debating them for days until the actual event. It’s a fifty-fifty chance I’ll actually go and this can really get me into trouble with friends. Most of them understand, but some just don’t get it because they are so extroverted and love any sort of interaction.

I find myself using a planner when I make plans. When I write them down they become more concrete for me and I know this is something I will definitely need to go to. It may not always work, but it sure does help.

Not talking much in large crowds

I find myself becoming a listener more than a talker. One can find me laughing with others and enjoying the company, but I am totally fine just hanging out and not giving input. I don’t mind not getting a word in, I’m really there for the company of friends.

Coming off as extroverted when meeting new people

I love creating friendships, in fact, there is nothing I find more up-lifting. I like creating bonds with people and getting to know someone. Finding different personalities that mesh with yours is a great feeling. They may be fooled until they find I don’t always spend time with them because it takes so much energy to keep up with a lot of people.

Having an involuntary off and on button

By this, I mean I can go from being extremely social to hanging out by myself to catch my breathe. Too much interaction is exhausting but I also can find myself running around like crazy trying to talk to as many people as I can.

Nothing is better than a close friend group

I absolutely adore my close friends and I wouldn’t want anyone else in my life ( other than my boyfriend). I do love them to death, they know my personality and how I interact with people and don’t get personally offended when I don’t text them all the time. They are the reason I can be an extroverted introvert and not be completely overwhelmed. Props to them, they’re truly the best.

Do you experience these feelings?
How do you get through being an extroverted introvert?


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