Tips on House Training Your First Puppy

January 9, 2018

I can’t explain my excitement around my brother getting a puppy! Oh, what a change in the home atmosphere. My parents both love having a dog around (although they wouldn’t care to admit it) and my brother is pretty excited about having his first “fur baby”. I can’t complain, since I visit my parents house frequently due to my proximity and work commute. There’s nothing like having a furry ball of puppy breath barreling towards you out of excitement to see you!

Seeing my brother with his new puppy is pretty comical. She always wants to play, and when she does, she tumbles around uncontrollably, usually ending up tripping over a toy or two before leaping for an arm to chew on. She’s a ball of sunshine and makes every day interesting. It’s been about two weeks and I’m still obsessed with her!

Even thought the puppy is SO much fun, there are a few problems we’ve been dealing with: including but not limited to: the excessive chewing, lack of interest in treats (for training purposes) and a constantly-peeing confused pup!

We did a little investigating and this is what has worked out so far in the puppy process!

Have a large amount of toys laying around

Having a large amount of toys allows the dog to constantly have something around them that they’re allowed to chew on. The important part of training a dog is to make sure you are giving positive reinforcement rather than just saying “no”. By giving them a toy when they are wanting to chew on your couch, they will realize if they want to chew on something, their toys are there for that reason.

Door-bell potty training

All you need is a bell and something to hold it, whether that is a rope or a banana holder (what we are using). This method is super easy because all you need to do is ring the bell before letting the dog out. The dog will begin to associate the bell ringing with getting let outside, leading to your dog ringing the bell every time. It only takes about a week!

Buy soft chew treats

A puppy only has so many teeth, so give them a treat that’s easy to chew! I found plenty for a cheap price at Marshals and the pup absolutely loves them! Give soft chews a try!

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