3 Ways To Remove Negativity and Enhance Your Daily Life

January 12, 2018

Negativity comes in all shapes and forms and can reach you at any second. We’ve all experienced negativity, but do we really need it?


Of course not!

So why not just get rid of it, and add some positivity to the situation. You can’t expect people to change around you, so the only way to add positivity is to take the initiative yourself!

Part With Negative People

1. The on and off fling:
They may be “there” when you need them, but they’re inconsistent and unreliable. A fling may be holding you back from getting out there, and they ultimately are emotionally restricting.

2. The negative/sneaky friend:
Here are some things you don’t need in your life: jealousy, negativity, and people talking behind your back. You most likely have a friend that has one of these two traits. Either way, these people are toxic and you don’t need any of that in your life right now. All positive vibes!

Find a time to mentally decompress

Your brain needs time to relax, just like your body does. You can’t expect it to work hard and on 150% everyday, every hour (even though it seems like you need it to). I get it, you want to grow and work and succeed. But, you’re going to run out of gas and eventually your brain power is going to come to a complete halt and you’re going to find yourself stuck in bed wondering if you’re ever going to feel awake again.

Keep Learning

1. Listen to podcasts. I actually saw this idea on The Skinny Confidential and I totally thought it was bogus. Turns out, I’m obsessed.


They’re super convenient. You can listen to them on the go, while your doing laundry, during your work commute or even cooking. I absolutely love them and highly HIGHLY recommend.

2. Visit favorite blogs. Take a look and see some of my favorites. Maybe, you’ll find your own favorites! I use these all the time to inspire me. They’re really a great tool, and not only are you reading and learning, but you’re also enjoying it and that’s super important.

At this time, no matter where you are in life, whatever step is next, negativity is always unnecessary and you can totally fix it if you have the right tools. Get as far away from it as you possibly can and you’ll be golden.

What are tools you use to stay away from negativity and create more positive vibes?



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